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If you need any assistance getting hooked-up please contact Rhonda Larmand at 709-743-7125 or email

Order Section


Check the map above for a hook-up location near you.



SEA-NL will be the bridge between buyer and boat on snow crab, with the potential to expand to all other species.


Under provincial government law, boats in the inshore fleet can sell certain species to individuals buying for personal consumption.


Commercial fish harvesters are permitted to sell finfish, live crustaceans, squid, seal meat, and scallop meat.


Here is the full list: capelin, cod, rock crab, snow crab, crab, toad, cusk, dogfish, eel, flounder, blackback, flounder, greysole, flounder, yellowtail, grenadier, haddock, hake, halibut, herring, lobster, lumpfish, mackerel, monkfish, pollock, redfish, scallop, shucked, sculpin, sea cucumber, sea urchin; seal, shark, shrimp, skate, smelt, squid, swordfish, tuna, turbot, catfish, and wolffish. 


The direct sale of bivalve or gastropod shellfish including mussels, clams, whole scallops, whelk or periwinkle remains prohibited.


Restricted buyers (including restaurants or retail fish shops) can also purchase snow crab directly from a harvester, but are limited to 300/lbs a week.

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