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Fisherman who vowed to dump shrimp if no buyer found suffers vessel breakdown; threat stands

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, June 8th, 2022

The La Scie fisherman who vowed to dump his first load of northern shrimp for the season if no buyer steps forward returned to port today without any catch after his fishing boat suffered mechanical problems at sea.

But Terry Ryan says he expects the Atlantic Bluefin Too will be repaired as early as Friday, and he plans to follow through with his pledge.

“Full-steam ahead,” says Ryan, who operates the enterprise with his son, Josh, the skipper and licence-holder.

Terry Ryan threatened to dump the shrimp at an estimated loss of $100,000 if there’s no buyer as a protest over the province’s panel system of fish pricing.

Under the panel system, when the FFAW and processors can’t reach agreement on the price of a particular species to be paid to the inshore fleet, the decision goes to a provincial government-appointed, three-person panel.

Both sides put forward a price, and by law the panel must choose one or the other — nowhere in between.

In the case of shrimp, on April 24th the panel choose the $1.42/lb offered by the FFAW over the 90¢/lb put forward by the Association of Seafood Producers.

Only processors have been refusing to buy for that amount (even though the best fishing is in the spring), and boats in the Gulf and off the northeast coast and southern Labrador remain tied up despite the fishery opening on May 29th.

A market report prepared for the panel on this year’s northern shrimp fishery predicted “good demand, low inventories, and higher prices.”

The Ryan’s estimated $100,000 loss is based on a shrimp catch of 50,000 pounds, plus wages for the crew, supplies, and the cost of fuel.

While prices for species such as cod, northern shrimp, and snow crab are decided by the price-setting panel if the union and processors fail to agree, other species such as halibut have their own pricing system based on actual market returns.


Ryan Cleary, Executive Director, SEA-NL

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