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SEA-NL Founding Convention 2022: mark Feb. 8th on your calendar; consider running for executive

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

It hasn’t been easy sailing in these Covid times, and SEA-NL has been forced to change course several times with the date and details of our founding convention.

All hands were looking forward to an in-person event (with a virtual option), but given the pandemic circumstances SEA-NL is forced to push forward with a strictly victual convention.

The date of SEA-NL’s founding convention is now scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 8th.

The convention is open to all licensed, independent owner-operator inshore fish harvesters in Newfoundland and Labrador who are registered and in good standing (meaning dues have been paid).

Go here to sign up, and if you still need assistance registering contact Rose Genge at 745-8157.

Once you're a registered member, please let us know your intention to take part in the convention by e-mailing by Sunday, Feb. 6th.


The fee to attend the virtual convention is included with your SEA-NL membership.

SEA-NL will provide an option for non-member owner-operators/observers to view the Convention, but they will be placed in muted mode and unable to participate in the virtual proceedings.

A detailed agenda will be e-mailed to all registered members. You can participate now in several ways.

SEA-NL's proposed Constitution is posted here, and we ask owner-operators to review the document and submit any proposed amendments prior to the convention, although amendments will still be accepted on the convention floor.

SEA-NL will accept convention resolutions here (or e-mail Again, we asked that owner-operators submit resolutions prior to the convention (resolutions are not guaranteed to be accepted on the Convention floor.)

Members are encouraged to declare their intention to run for an executive position prior to the convention. It's proposed all positions will be elected for 2-year terms.

In another Covid-related change to the founding convention, SEA-NL proposes that elections will only be held for four (4) executive positions.



Director-at-large Under 40 Fleet

Director-at-large Over 40 Fleet

It’s proposed that the election of five (five) regional representatives will be postponed until SEA-NL’s 2023 Convention.

Again, only owner-operator members of SEA-NL can run for elected positions, which will be voluntary. The day-to-day functions of the office will be run by a staff, to be hired by the elected executive.

SEA-NL members can cast a proxy vote for another SEA-NL member, but only one proxy vote per member.

Again, if you need any assistance with joining SEA-NL contact Rose at 745-8157, and to register for the convention e-mail

See you at Convention 2022!

Ryan Cleary, Merv Wiseman


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