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SEA-NL elects first executive

SEA-NL held its Founding Convention Tuesday, Feb. 8th, and during the virtual event a constitution was adopted , and executive elected.

The executive includes:

President Jason Sullivan

Secretary-Treasurer Bruce Layman

Captain Over 40 — Kenneth Courtney

Captain Under 40 — Preston Grandy

The executive will meet in the coming days, with more news to come.

The SEA-NL membership also passed eight resolutions (no particular order):

1) DFO change the status of non-core commercial groundfish licences in Newfoundland and Labrador so they can be passed on or sold.

2) DFO dedicate a primary Canadian Coast Guard resource to Labrador, and National Defence assign a dedicated Cormorant helicopter to 5 Wing Goose Bay for SAR coverage for the Labrador region.

3) The regulation under the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Standing Fish Price-Setting Panel that restricts each party to one price reconsideration per species be lifted, and prior to the start of the upcoming season.

4) DFO extend the ban on bottom-trawling to include the 3Ps cod stock off southern Newfoundland.

5) All levels of government establish a Declaration of Adjacency to be defined as the fundamental right of those living in NL and all of Canada to the first right of benefit from adjacent resources.

6) DFO immediately establish a standard fishing-vessel length policy for all of Atlantic Canada.

7) DFO’s small-fish protocol in place in DFO’s Gulf Region that includes the application of a conversion factor when more than 10% of small fish is landed be extended to the herring fisheries in DFO’s NL region.

8) DFO allow for hook and line fishing in marine protected areas (MPAs).

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