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More than half of initial 2,000t mackerel quota landed

Second half of TAC available Aug. 15

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According to DFO, commercial landings for Atlantic mackerel so far this year are at 1,168 tonnes, or 58% of the initial 2,000-tonne TAC (total allowable catch).

The total 2021 TAC for Atlantic mackerel has been set at 4,000 tonnes (half the 2020 quota), but is divided in half to account for the migration of mackerel through Maritime/Quebec/NL waters, and to give all fleets a chance to catch some.

That's even though catches by NL harvesters represented the vast majority of Canadian landings for years. Find that information here.

The second 2,000-tonne portion of the overall mackerel quota will be available Aug. 15.

According to the schedule set by the province’s fish price setting panel, the price of mackerel is to be negotiated by the FFAW and processors by Aug. 11, or it will go to the panel the next day to make a decision.

Considering the panel usually takes a few days, the fishery could be open before the price is set.


The per pound price paid to harvesters in 2020 was down a fraction from 2019 — 200-400 gram, 22¢/lb; 400-600 gram, 26¢/lb; 600 gram plus 34¢/lb. Find the price decision here.

In setting the price, the price-setting panel agreed with the Association of Seafood Producers that markets were down.

But the FFAW also made the case for a “recalibration” of the share to mackerel harvesters, which the union said had not kept pace with market returns — particularly in 2019.

The panel acknowledged the FFAW’s concerns, but highlighted the fact it “does not have access to the information required to make an informed, evidence-based decision on this issue.”

Both the union and processors were urged to “share” information.

Good luck with that.


According to DFO’s mackerel management plan, since 2000 landings by fish harvesters in Newfoundland and Labrador have exceeded those of the Maritimes/Quebec by a large margin.

Landings by our harvesters exceeded 40,000 tonnes three times between 2004 and 2010 — representing 80% of total Canadian landings during that period.

DFO cut the 2021 mackerel in half from 2020's TAC of 8,000 tonnes. Find reaction here.

Ryan Cleary,


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What I find interesting about the mackerel landings in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia is the average landings over a 20 year period in NOVA SCOTIA ALONE (1960-1980) exceeded 80,000 Metric Tonnes, before Government authorized the massive excess harvests thereafter, in cooperation or under the direction of Big Business., leading to this present mini quotas. Common sense and resource management was buried under a mountain of published government buying cash, tax deductible of course. Check also the mess with all other past hi-level species landings. I can provide those also if interested.

Me gusta
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