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Lucky dogs: capelin treats for pets

$9.99 (plus tax) will get you a 100-gram bag of dehydrated wild Atlantic capeline — grain free, no fillers, 100 natural. The single ingredient is capelin. B'y, there's a good chance Rover would have to fight me for a treat, they sound that good.

The capelin treats are made by Totally Raw Pet Food, an 18-year-old Nova Scotia company with a state-of-the-art food processing facility in Dartmouth.

Probably not too far up the road from the new “showcase” processing/packaging plant Ocean Choice International is also building in Dartmouth with federal money initially meant for Newfoundland and Labrador.

But I digress.

The top price paid to NL inshore harvesters this year for capelin was 48¢/lb.

The Nova Scotia company also produces Totally Fish Skinnies (100% wild-caught Atlantic fish), which sell for $9.99 (plus tax) for a 70-gram package.

Unfortunately, they're temporarily unavailable.

It's always good to see new products made from Atlantic-caught fish, but more and more processing jobs are popping up in the Maritimes — not here.

That must change.

I've heard politicians of all stripes talk about opportunities for secondary processing for decades, with few results.

If they can do it in the Maritimes, we can do it here.

And "we" does not refer to politicians.

Ryan Cleary,


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