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Leaders wanted for NL fishery

Must not be bought and paid for, or out for yourself. Must be loyal to the inshore fishery of Newfoundland and Labrador, and all inshore fleets.

Must share a vision for a thriving fishing industry driven by prosperous inshore enterprises to the benefit of rural communities, and future generations of fishermen/women.

Must be a licensed, independent owner-operator inshore fish harvester based in Newfoundland and Labrador, and member in good standing of SEA-NL.

(If you’re not already a member click here, or call Rose Genge at 745 8157.)

SEA-NL will elect a voluntary Executive and Board of Directors during its founding convention on Nov. 18th at Gander’s Quality Inn.

The positions are wide open.

Nobody has been lobbied to run.




All members in good standing will vote on each of those positions.


At-large Representative Over 40 Fleet

At-large Representative Under 40 Fleet

Only members of each fleet will be able to vote for their particular representative.


One representative from each of these five fishing zones will also be elected:






Owner-operators will only be able to vote for a representative in their own particular fishing zone.


SEA-NL's Executive and Board of Directors are outlined in its proposed constitution, which you will find here.

SEA-NL members are encouraged to declare their intention to run for a position ahead of the convention, although nominations will take place on the floor of the convention and can be done either virtually or in-person.

Go here for more convention details.

SEA-NL is NOT a union, but a not-for-profit that champions the fishing industry and enhances the interests of owner-operators.

As an owner-operator, SEA-NL is your opportunity for a distinctive voice in today’s fishery.

That distinctive voice will help land you the best possible price for your fish, hold governments to account for solid management and science, and ensure the inshore fishery is the mainstay of a strong Newfoundland and Labrador.

Onwards and upwards.

Ryan Cleary,


Independent licensed owner-operators are encouraged to join SEA-NL here. These blog posts will be public for a limited time, before becoming exclusive to the membership.

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Nov 02, 2021

I am not a licensed fisher person. I have my fathers Society of United Fishermen Red Seal signed order from 1949. I’m very proud to have that mounted on my wall. I am however a 35 year construction union member and leader with decades of experience in contact negotiations, labour relations, media relations and the list goes on. If you think i can be of service then reach out.

Timothy Michael R. Ford

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