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Hurricane Larry cost Placentia Bay fisherman his livelihood

Placentia fisherman Leonard Mulrooney — who actually fishes out of the nearby resettled community of Red Island — lost his boat, shed, and all his fishing gear (crab pots/gillnets/rope/etc.) to Hurricane Larry this past weekend.

Hurricane Larry's impact on the resettled Placentia Bay community of Red Island was devastating.

Aaron Mulrooney, Leonard’s son, says his father essentially lost his livelihood, and must now rebuild at the age of 68.


While the boat was submerged ("the surge was so big it swamped her") and sustained considerable damage, they managed to get her pumped out and floated again.

Other families on Red Island also lost their stages and wharves.

There have been reports of damages to fishing enterprises/gear on the south and east coasts of Newfoundland, although there are no dollar figures as of yet.

It’s too early to tell whether the damage from the storm will meet the criteria for a catastrophe, which is $25 million in industry-wide insured losses.

But it was certainly a catastrophe to people like Leonard Mulrooney, his family, and the people of Red Island.

SEA-NL will stay on top of the issue with the federal and provincial governments.

Ryan Cleary,


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Sep 13, 2021

These drastic incidents have been the fisherman downfall since the beginning of time they clean up from each one & pray there will be a break before the next disaster hits.

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