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FFAW's second-in-command/lead fish price negotiator steps down to spend time with family

Robert Keenan resigned as the union's secretary-treasurer today to spend more time with his young family. Keenan, who worked for the union for eight years, took over as secretary-treasurer in October 2020 following the resignation of Dave Decker, and was reelected by acclamation in August of last year.

Robert Keenan resigned today as secretary-treasurer of the FFAW. His information/picture has already been deleted from the union website.

On July 21st, the provincial government announced a review of the collective bargaining model for fish pricing in light of the chaos in this year’s industry with prices that failed to kick-start commercial fisheries.

Under the final-offer selection system of fish pricing — which is unique to this province — a government-appointed panel steps in when the union and processors/buyers fail to reach a deal on the price to be paid to the inshore fleet for a particular species.

Legislation dictates the panel must choose one price or the other, with its final decision “binding” on both sides.

However, some prices set by the panel this year have resulted in delayed fisheries (sea cucumber, northern shrimp), while others (east coast capelin) failed to start.

The union has set the nomination period for the position of secretary-treasurer from Aug. 16th-26th.

Ryan Cleary,

Executive Director, SEA-NL

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