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Federal Conservatives appoint Nova Scotia MP as DFO critic; Clifford Small lands ACOA

Nova Scotia Conservative MP Rick Perkins — who won his federal seat of South Shore-St. Margaret's in the September election by defeating Bernadette Jordan, the Liberal incumbent and Minister of Fisheries and Oceans — has been appointed his party's critic for DFO, and the Canadian Coast Guard.

Perkins is a small business owner/consultant who spent part of the early 1990s in Ottawa as a parliamentary assistant, and advisor.

“During this time, he also worked extensively on both domestic and foreign fishery issues including the collapse of the cod fishery and the overfishing by Spain and Portugal beyond Canada’s 200-mile limit,” reads his biography.

Perkins will serve as critic to the actual federal DFO Minister, British Columbia MP Joyce Murray.

Meantime, NL's lone Opposition MP — Conservative Clifford Small — was appointed critic for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

As a former Member of Parliament myself, it's fair to say that no matter what responsibilities/committees/causes Clifford takes on in Ottawa, the province's commercial fisheries must always be front and centre on his plate.

Ryan Cleary,


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