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DFO Minister Joyce Murray reportedly stepping down; any chance a NLer will step up?

Reuters news agency reports this evening that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is slated to make a minor cabinet shuffle Wednesday (Aug. 31st) to replace two ministers — including DFO Minister Joyce Murray of British Columbia — who are stepping down for health reasons.

B.C. MP Joyce Murray was appointed federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister, and Minister Responsible for the Canadian Coast Guard in October, 2021. SEA-NL posted about it here: Latest DFO Minister a B.C. tree planter who led charge against at-sea fish farming off West Coast


Two Newfoundlanders and Labradorian MPs are already in cabinet: Seamus O'Regan in Labour, and Gudie Hutchings in Rural and Economic Development.

Seamus hasn't had much to do with the wild commercial fisheries, but Gudie has.

We shall see.

Ryan Cleary,

Executive Director, SEA-NL

Seaward Enterprises Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (SEA-NL) is a professional, non-profit organization serving as the distinct voice for licensed, independent owner-operator inshore fish harvesters. You can read more about SEA-NL, and join us here.

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