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A message to inshore enterprise owners who have yet to sign on with SEA-NL

As an inshore enterprise owner, has it ever bothered you that skippers such as yourself are not recognized as a distinct group? As one of roughly 3,290 inshore boat/business owners who drive the fishery, shouldn't your voice be distinct from one of your crew or a worker at the local plant.

The fishing boats of Old Perlican.

This is where SEA-NL comes into play.

SEA-NL is the distinct voice of enterprise owners.

We are not a union like FISH-NL, which represented skippers and crews in direct competition with the union for the right to negotiate the price of fish.

SEA-NL is not necessarily at odds with the union, but we do our best to keep them honest.

SEA-NL represents owner-operators on any issue that impacts their enterprises.

Would crab prices have been as high without SEA-NL making waves? Would DFO’s vessel-length policy have increased to 49’11? Will the leasing policy be next up for change?

Maybe, maybe not.

Look at SEA-NL like an Opposition party that keeps government (the union) in line.

SEA-NL is polling enterprise owners on group insurance. (Imagine how low rates would be if all skippers sign on?)

SEA-NL is also reaching out to companies that do business with the inshore fleet for corporate partnerships and rates.

Read more about SEA-NL at our website:, and please consider signing up (click the JOIN button) if you haven't already.

If you need a hand reach out to Rhonda, our outreach coordinator, at or call her directly 709 743 7125.

Remember the motto: Stronger with SEA-NL.

Ryan Cleary,

Executive Director, SEA-NL

709 682 4862

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