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• Ever growing number of discounts with companies that sell products/service the inshore fleet;

• A distinct voice for licensed, inshore owner-operator fish harvesters; 
• Advocate on behalf of members/fleets on all issues that impact inshore fishing enterprises; 

• Industry blog with the latest local, national, and international seafood news, trends, prices, etc.; 

• Latest and historic information on fishery policy, and regulation;

• Freedom from conflicts of interest with other industry sectors/ governments; 

• Transparent and accountable.



• Group discounts on services and products supplied to the inshore fleet; 

• Electronic membership votes on fleet policy; 

• Benefits ranging from life insurance to full health and dental, depending on the results of membership polling. 

This website will evolve as SEA-NL establishes its presence in the Newfoundland and Labrador fishery, and membership grows. Users can expect regular changes as we try to reflect the needs of our membership.

Organizers welcome comments/suggestions on improvements to the website.


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